Friday, March 9, 2012

3.9.12 Washington Crossing...the street.

Ok, so it's not George but this revolutionary re-enactor (sp) was crossing General Washington's Memorial Blvd... so close enough.

Today's post is inspired by my new friends Becca and Jim whose wedding reception will be held this evening at The Washington Crossing Inn. Teasers will be up next week I'm sure.

This image was made while shooting the wedding of Laura and Dennis who were married at The College of New Jersey Chapel and who also had their reception at The Washington Crossing Inn. On our way back from the ceremony our limo took a quick short stop as our friend here stepped out into the crosswalk oblivious that a 3 ton white stretch limo full of post wedding bliss was heading at him... 

Early congratulations to Becca and Jim. I know tonight will be special as will the rest of your lives together! 

By the way, these two are hilarious! You must check out this video they made for Jim's dad. Classic!

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