Saturday, February 20, 2010

2.20.10 Pic Theme: More Snow!

HOLY COW, how about these last few weeks?!!? 
If you are on the east coast like me then you got a one, two, three punch of snow recently.
Here are a few more images captured while running around in the snow... ok, actually no running. More like trudging down River Drive and the Tow Path in the middle of the blizzard like an idiot! Of all the things I've ever wished for in my entire life these were shot on the day in which "Snow Shoes" first ever made their way into my top 5 things I wish I had! 

My favorite

a close second for my favorite...


Gothic graveyard 

side door

tow path

more tow path

and more again

 and another! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.18.10 Pic Theme: Red, White, Black, and Blue.

Well it's happened again! Days bleed into weeks and next thing you know I haven't posted in about a month. Lots going on folks and most of it revolves around the snow. Here are a few photos made during and after the recent storms. 

In other news: I've also been working on my website and invite everyone to stop over and check it out. 

Stay warm and enjoy the photos... oh, and I promise more will be uploaded soon!