Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to reach me through my website contact page that I never responded to.

I just discovered that for some unknown, and unwanted (!), reason GMAIL decided that any alert coming from my website and were spam and proceeded to filter out a ton of inquiries for various weddings and other events. If anyone reading this happens to be one that I unintentionally ignored I am sincerely sorry. Those that know me and my business know that communication is a priority and I would never intentionally ignore any request. 

I am now working hard to find out why this happened and how to ensure that it never happens again.

Feel free to email directly to or call 512-659-4311

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stretch your wedding investment by getting more bang for your buck!

Mom doing her best Rocky

If you are planning an event in the Philadelphia area, I'm going to share a way you can get more for your money while doing something important and good! 

Fairmont Park's historic Ridgeland Mansion is a wonderful venue for any event. It's versatility makes it ideal for intimate gatherings and 500 people galas alike. TLC's Four Weddings called it, "The perfect space for a romantic wedding," so what more could you ask for? 

How about a tax deduction!!!! 

Ridgeland is also the home of the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia and 100% of the proceeds support their wonderful programs that positively impact the lives of men, women, and children in our area. Because of this, a significant portion of what you pay is tax deductible! You get a great venue, get to feel good about helping others, and you get something back when all is said and done! 

And like they say on TV, "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!"

In honor of my mom, who despite her fighting spirit lost a hard fought battle with cancer, and my step-mom who has beaten cancer(twice!!!) I will be donating 10% of my fees from events I photograph at Ridgeland back to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia as well.

Visit their RENTALS page for more information.

I'm Tom Clarke, and I support this message.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cover of Bucks Life Magazine

Well this was totally unexpected. I've been shooting features for Bucks Life for almost two years now and this is my first cover. The Eat This guys were great and I hope to work with them more in the future! 

This has been a great month for me with magazines! First the four page spread in Edible Jersey, then the 3/4 page image in Fitness Magazine, and now this! Totally cool! 

On a personal note I'd like to point out that this was shot with an Olympus OM-D E5 mirrorless micro4/3 camera. It's becoming my go to camera of choice over the impressive, yet incredibly bulky, Canon full frame system I've traditionally shot. The knock had been that "cropped sensors" could never compete with "full framed" sensors and I say hogwash! I'm not saying I'd blow this up for a billboard, but to say it can't compete is ridiculous! Besides, "full frame" is misleading as it's a crop size of medium format, which is a cropped size of large format. 

The camera is just a tool and it's all in how we use it. There is an old saying, "Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about time, masters worry about light", well I'm definitely in the "time" category but I do see light and I think that's the root of all great images. How we capture that distinguishes our style and sets us apart. The tools we use are arbitrary... While this system doesn't scream "here is a professional" as the Canon does, it's size allows me to break down the barrier and fosters a more intimate experience for both photographer and subject... which translates into better pictures. So I ask you, what is more worthy of a professional?  Confidence in having the biggest lens in the room, or knowing they can take a pleasing "cover worthy" image no matter what system they choose?  

Just a rambling two cent opinion form a working stiff. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not an April fool's joke! I'm in Fitness Magazine.

I shot this image covering a mud run a year back. Fitness saw the images of mine that SELF Magazine published last year and reached out to ask if I had anymore... Then we began narrowing down from 10,000 to this one. Quite the process I can assure you!