Monday, February 11, 2013

Got Juice? A recent shoot with Irma Jennings of Food For Healthy Bones

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Irma for the second time and in addition to a few favorites I want to share this link to a very interesting article she wrote about living the "Food Stamp Challenge" for two weeks organically! 

For those that don't know the good mayor of Newark, Cory Booker (really a good guy in NJ politics), recently set out to show how difficult it is to live for one week on the equivalent of food stamps. I feel his heart was in the right place but he fell short on promoting healthy and sustainable eating.

 Let's hold off on the discussion that SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the new name for Food Stamps) is supposed to be a program designed to supplement and assist in purchasing nutritious food and not meant to be the entirety of one's grocery funds, that's for a different day. I'm more concerned that our mainstream food is killing us and the message that Organic = Elitist too often dominates the average consumer's thought process when making choices at the store. Instead of promoting healthier and more economic choices he chose to use his celebrity to lobby for a few more dollars that the unenlightened will ultimately end up spending on items with questionable nutritious benefits. Sounds like he's lobbying for frankenfood... 

Anyway, my friend Irma felt the same way and being an advocate for Food for Healthy Bones (her business) she and a friend lived for TWO WEEKS under the same budget buying 98% organic.

Ok, enough ranting from the crazy photographer. Let's see some pictures! 

 Got Juice?