Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3.7.12 Facebook cover photo: Northern Cardinal

Today's facebook cover photo is The Northern Cardinal. The backstory isn't too exciting but may be a lesson in the virtues of having ones gear nearby and neatly organized. My office is, for better or worse, next to our kitchen. Good for convenience to the coffee machine, bad for convenience to the supply of chocolates my sister-in-law keeps us in from her shop. Anyway, one morning this past January while pouring myself a fresh cup I happened to spy our friend here sitting in the bush in our backyard. He's not one to linger so I stepped into my office and without thinking I knew exactly where my 70-200 was and how it was facing so that with next to no fumbling I could remove one lens and replace it with the other in one smooth motion. So the tip there kids is that if you shoot on the fly then have your lenses in the same place with the red mounting dot placed in the same direction every time. Over time you develop a pattern of sorts that will save you valuable seconds, which came in handy here because this guy flew off moments later.  

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