Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1.4.12: New Year, New Post

Holy moly, has it really been since November 5th since my last post? Man, time flies! A lot has been going on and a lot of pictures have been taken. One such set was of this awesome couple Tommy and Jess who will be getting married at Jess's parent's horse farm where the bulk of these shots were made. Now I just can't say enough about this couple. They are laid back and a lot of fun to be around. They own and operate a great gym near my house called Transcend Fitness (if you are looking for a gym in the new year I highly recommend it! check out the obstacle course at the end!) and just bought their first house together. Their future is so bright I should have made them wear shades... ok, I'll admit that was bad even for me. 

Congrats you two, I can't wait for your June wedding!

This is the barn they are to be married in!
 (come on, you had to expect the American Gothic ripoff!) 

 The day before the shoot a group of Amish had completed building Tommy and Jess's obstacle course in the back of Transcend Fitness. We were climbing down the back side of a 20+ foot telephone pole pyramid when I asked them to stop and pose. Who says photography isn't physical!??!

 Military style climbing wall? Check. 

Check out the horse smiling for the camera! 

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