Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4.6.10 Theme: Catching up. Boxing and Bar Mitzvah's and everything in between.

Well well well, where does the time go? The warm sunny weather has come, Easter has passed, and baseball has begun. "Yeah, so where ya been Tom?" Well, I've been pretty busy as of late and thought I'd post a few pics from recent events. 

Fight Night in Hamilton, NJ. (Hamilton Manor)
This guy brought the fight

For the most part that chandelier was a pain in my butt, but every now and then....

One of the big draws of the night, this guy was on "the Contender" 

This guy beat "the contender" 

This is what happens when you drop your hands

Day before Easter Wedding. (Philadelphia, PA)

LOVE this shot!

Doug B getting some head shots done in Center City
(City Hall, Boat House Row, Art Museum)

Bar Mitzvah at Citizen's Bank Park

Last name Savage, first name is not Fred but it could be...

Biggest post yet, but a lot to share!
 I want to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of each of these events. I do my best to blend in and be the "fly on the wall" but make no mistake, I'm having as much fun as everyone else!

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