Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/20/10 Pic Theme: the Baptism of the Cole

If any of you viewing this happen to be friends from my WPL days then you will certainly understand why it has been close to 25 years since I stepped foot into a Lutheran Church. In all honesty I don't think I've even shot a Lutheran wedding in my time as a photographer. Hmmm.... anyway, this has nothing to do with Lutherans in general and in fact I am quite grateful for the religious education I received and happily say "Lutheran" when asked religious affiliation. That said, I'm sure 99% of the faculty of WPL would be SHOCKED at the amount of knowledge I've retained so many years later!  I know for a fact that more than a few teachers had written myself and several of my misfit friends off as bad seeds before bothering to take the time to put us into some nurturing soil to see if we'd grow. Well grow we have and I'm also grateful to Facebook for bringing many of us back together...but I'm ranting off subject!

This past Sunday I was happy to join my girlfriend and much of her extended family in celebrating not only the confirmation of her nephew, but in his baptism as well. Cole is a great kid and I am glad I could be there. The church is comfortable and inviting. The large picture windows bringing the NJ countryside and all its beauty into the room create a perfect setting for worship. I love stained glass and religious paraphernalia, but for my money nothing man made can equal the simple beauty of birds flying in sunny, puffy cloud filled, blue skies over a forrest of trees... Oh, and I appreciate the pastor's amazing parallels between the book of Revelations and the Lord of the Rings!  My girlfriend suggested that if he can tie in Lost we may be back ;)  

So without further ado, here are a few pictures from Sunday's baptism of the Cole.

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