Friday, July 12, 2013

Mike+Tanna: Philadelphia City Hall.

So an architect and an anesthesiologist walk into a bar... sounds like the beginning of a joke but in actuality it's the beginning of a beautiful life together! 

Mike first reached out to me because he said he and Tanna liked the way I use Philadelphia as a background in many of my portraits. The two were (have) moved south and wanted to capture the feel of the city they both love on their wedding day. I joined the two of them and their parents at City Hall on... you guessed it, a crazy hot day... and from there we hit a few fun spots around town. For those that have never been, City Hall is not(!) air conditioned by the way. Anyway, a neat coincidence is that Mike wanted to stop into McGillin's, where he had worked for a number of years, to say hello to his friends. I had photographed the owners of McGillin's for the last issue of Bucks Life Magazine and will be back to update their images for their website in a few days in fact... in any event, it was a fun walking in and seeing the expression on Chris jr.'s face when he saw I was photographing Mike and Tanna.

I had a lot of fun on this and I think you can tell they did too. We'll be doing more when they return for their "official" reception at one of my favorite locations, the Lowes Philadelphia, next spring. In the mean time, congratulations you two! Can't wait to do more in the spring. 

On a side note to my photographer brethren I'd like to point out that a good portion of these images were shot on a mirrorless micro four thirds camera... it was my first shoot with the amazing Olympus OM-D E5 but it hasn't been my last since and I am very strongly thinking of going totally mirrorless... more posts and images on that to follow soon.

Details to follow:

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