Monday, September 24, 2012

9.24.12 Published in SELF magazine!

You know those moments in films when some wanna be rock singer or football player gets a call out of the blue from some great band or team saying so and so saw you some place and they want to talk about joining or whatever and the guy is like, "Who is this really?" like it's a prank call or something. Well that's kind of how it was for me the day I received an email from a Conde Nast editor saying they wanted to buy a few images for an article they were doing in the up coming issue of SELF magazine. I was like, this must be a joke. No joke people! Early Friday morning as my wife and I made our way to catch a plane we stopped for a bottle of water and there on the shelf was the new issue of SELF. after a few frantic moments of thumbing through the issue there they were! Here is one of the images. Sorry for the poor quality, we shot this in a hurry before boarding.

So yeah, check it out! 

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