Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kind words from the Temple University OLLI Photography Club

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of photographers at Temple University's Center City campus about my style, my gear, and my insights on selling images and getting one's name out into the world. It was a great honor and a good amount of fun too. What thrilled me most was that no one walked out or fell asleep and afterward the instructor was good enough to forward these kind words to me. I know this is a whole lot of tooting my own horn but you know I'm all about the reviews and since these people took the time to write I think they should be heard. 

Your presentation today was wonderful! Thank-you so very much for all your time and effort.

Hi Marcy,
I loved the presentation today. I certainly learned a lot and also got very good tips about how to try to present my photos via internet. He was indeed very generous and pleasant and I would love to have him return to speak to our group next year.
Thank you for inviting him.


Thomas Clarke was superb. A pleasure to listen to with many "tips" picked up.


Tom is at the top of the list, great photos and knowledge of the technology...His examples alone are the best word of mouth.


Thanks so much Tom.  I am impressed by the work you do.  The tips were so helpful. Keep up with the artsy stuff.  It is most appealing.
susan thompson


Great presentation Tom. Learned so much. Your work is wonderful. Thank-you for sharing it and your knowledge with us. 


He was fabulous - such beautiful photos and so charming too, as well as so sharing of his techniques etc.


Wonderful presentation! Learned so much! Beautiful photos. Thanks.


The best! Tom's work, tips and presentation were inspiring.


Thank you all again for the kind words! 

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