Monday, October 10, 2011

10.10.11 Post: Sneak Peak from Juli+Josh's beautiful wedding at the Historical Society of Haddonfield's Greenfield Hall

Well well well, what can I say? I had been excitedly anticipating Josh and Julianna's wedding day forever!  A great couple in a great venue at a great time of year makes for a fantastic (you thought I was going to say great) event!

 The bride's locket with pictures of her grandparents inside in her mother's hands. Priceless. 

 Gorgeous dress

 First look. 

 It didn't take much to turn this into a dance party.

 Rock on, my people!


I'd like to thank my 2nd shooter Josh once again for doing a great job. The ladies at the Historical Society, the caterer (in particular the event captain who was a great help and the bartender who had a glass of water on the ready every time I came by!), and lastly Juli and Josh. It has been a joy getting to know them both and I know our connection won't end when the album is delivered.  :)

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