Monday, July 26, 2010

7.26.10 Pic theme: Lens protection and other fun stuffs

Hello my peoples, I am writing today to share a few images from my day trip to the historic, iconic, and a few other "icks" Coney Island! Yes, when I arrived I wondered aloud, "I thought this was going to be an island?" But I digress. The main point I want to hammer home here is that a lens filter does something so much more important than create photo effects, it protects the lens! 

The lens, but what about the body? Well the body is important too, but most are built to take a bit of beating and quite frankly the lens is the most important part of the equation. For you newbies out there spend your hard earned money on the best lenses you can afford and get a pro-sumer body. The lenses will last you a life time while even the best body now will fail in a few years...and by that time the pro-sumer body will have 10X the ability at 1/10th the price. 

So that said, spending a few extra dollars on a filter is nothing compared to the safety it provides. Take this picture below. My friend's camera fell off his neck while taking his daughter off his shoulders. An action so common I'm sure cameras are broken everyday this way. But because he had a filter on the lens, we were able to clean it off and continue shooting. (Psst, Mike if you are reading this don't forget to go buy a new filter!) 

Ok, that's my PSA of the day. Now for a few other images. 
looks like a giant, man-made flower

in the running for the cutest ever, Izzie

War of the Mystics trash can. Reminds me of this:

Ohhh, and speaking of my flickr account. Make sure to stop by there in a day or two as I will be posting more HDR images. This time from Coney Island. Stop by now to see the Sandy Hook lighthouse in HDR!

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