Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3.11.10 Pic Theme: Cell Phone Photography

As further evidence that I am always late to the party, I've just discovered an emerging trend in cell phone photography. Of course this has been going on for years, but how would I know? I couldn't tell you if my last phone even had a camera... anyway, it was by pure selfish folly after upgrading to a phone that could take a picture worth looking at that I thought, 
"Hmmm, I wonder if anyone else is making cool photographs with their phone?"

The answer is yes. A thousand and thousand times yes! The movement has as many enthusiasts as my beloved toy camera and Lensbaby does. I can't say that I am jumping ship just yet, but let's face it. We all have our phones on us all the time and even though I try to never leave the house without my camera bag, there are times when my DSLR isn't within reach. Here are a few images of such instances. 



Wall Shades

Broadway is Dirty


A Path Often Taken

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