Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12.15.09 Pic post theme: Past Glory

So much I love about these images. I was recently asked to venture down to historic Franklin Field, deemed to be the oldest stadium still operating for football by the NCAA. It was built for $100,000 and dedicated on April 20, 1895 for the first running of the Penn Relays. Also home of the first scoreboard ever built (that same year) as well as countless other neat sports history. How far we've come from the first scoreboard and stadium built for $100K to "Jerry's World", the billion dollar Cowboy Stadium!  
Anyway, I was asked to find certain qualities that might be considered hallmarks of the Penn Relays to give as a gift to a former Penn Relay star. Of course nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should and for whatever reason this stadium, which is usually open to the public, was closed this day and I was only allowed to venture in a few feet. Ahhh, but adversity is the main ingredient in opportunity! Instead of hiking to the furthest top bleacher seat for the standard wide angled panoramic shot (as I had intended) I found a good spot for some action and went about capturing the feeling of competition, the motion of sport, and in the end the shapes of memories.

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